The roof is an integral part of every building and as such requires regular maintenance. Failure to keep your roof in good working order will result in costly, preventable damages, to not only your roof but also the substructure of your property including the ceilings, walls, roof framing and the electricity supply.

Our detailed roof inspection reports can advise you of any repairs needed before a minor issue becomes a significant and costly problem. We will examine and inspect all roofing facets including fasteners and silicon to give you an honest and thorough report.

Upon Roofing also offers a leak investigation service, where we are able to thoroughly test your roof to detect leaks and the cause of them. Most of the time we will be able to repair the issue on the site, at the time of the investigation and to standard.

Upon Roofing takes pride in executing exceptional workmanship and time management, complying with all WHS requirements and legislation.