Don’t wait until it is too late for roof gutter repairs.

Gutters should regularly be maintained every 6 months to reduce corrosion that can be caused by sludge, pollen and the build-up of leaves which result in blockages, compromising the performance and structure of your gutters and downpipes.

This can further lead to extensive water damage to internal and external ceilings, walls, electrical circuitry and serious health issue such as mould, which will significantly increase the cost of repair.

If you have any concerns regarding your gutters and downpipes, we can provide you with a detailed roof plumbing inspection report and quotation of repairs.

Upon Roofing can also offer the following services:
- Installation of gutter guard
- Gutter Cleans
- Full re gutter and downpipe replacements

Colonial Gutter


Quarter Round Gutter


New Home Gutters


Upon Roofing can complement your new roof, re-roof or extension of your property with new gutters and downpipes.

It is vital to have the correct sizing of gutters, quantity, and placement of downpipes and the provision of overflow devices for an effective roof drainage system.

Upon Roofing has the ability to take all rainfall factors into consideration to ensure sufficient flow of water when designing and detailing your roof drainage system.